SOUL 2019

Thank you for a great season!!!!

Uniform Return on Tuesday, 10/29 at either 8am or 3:30pm. Do not bring them during the school day or send them with someone else.  I have to get these inventoried and out of my classroom so I need everyone to bring them on this day.

Items to Return:


bat bag  (cleaned out)

pitchers/catchers:  armband

all game jerseys (varsity 3  JV 2)

all game pants  (varsity 3  JV 2)



  • if you dressed with both make sure you bring all uniforms you have
  • Practice gear is for you to keep.  If I gave you a pair of practice pants please keep them as you will need them if you are playing next year.  I do not need those back.
  •  Please make sure all uniforms are clean!  Also, clean out your bag bag.