*Upcoming 9th graders:  If you did not attend the 8th grade night you will need to contact Coach Oglesby at joglesby@paulding.k12.ga.us to get an info sheet.  This must be completed and returned ASAP.  See information below.


MAY 13TH            MONDAY             4:00 – 5:30pm     Upcoming 10th-12th graders

MAY 13TH            MONDAY             5:30 – 7pm           Upcoming 9th graders


MAY 14TH             TUESDAY             4:00-6:30pm       All grade levels

MAY 15th              WEDNESDAY      4:00-6:30pm       All grade levels

MAY 16th              THURSDAY          TBA        (RAIN DAY)

  • Be at the field 15 minutes before tryout time (upcoming 9th graders just get here as soon as you can after your dismissal from school on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Mandatory player/parent meeting on 5/22. Player meeting at 4:00pm and parent meeting at 6pm.
  • For those who make the team, concussion assessment for all upcoming freshmen, juniors and anyone who did not play a sport at SPHS last year will be done on May 212nd after the player meeting
  • Deadline for paperwork is 4/22/2019
  • We will have a physical day on 4/11/2019 at SPHS.  Cost is $20.  Times:  Returning high school softball 5:30pm  Upcoming 9th grade softball 6pm.
  • Summer workouts begin 5/29 and run every Tuesday and Thursday morning through the summer beginning on 6/6
  • First official day of practice is 7/29.  After this day we will be practicing and playing almost every day, including Saturdays.  We will not have anything on Sundays.
  • Varsity will have region games and practices during Fall break so we need all players committed to be here.  JV will be finished before fall break.
  • All players trying out must attend tryouts in the spring.
  • All players trying out must be academically eligible and attendance eligible.


*All players trying out must be cleared on RankOne Sports with all paperwork completed by April 22nd.

If your physical was completed before April 1st of last year then you will need to get a new one and send Coach Oglesby a hard copy. We have a physical night set up for Thursday, April 11th that you are encouraged to come to.  Cost is $20 and can be paid online on RevTrack through April 9th at midnight or with cash on the 11th. Download a copy of the history form and the physical examination form from RankOne and complete the history form.  If a parent will not be present, the history form must be signed by a parent to be seen by the doctor.  Physical night begins at 5:30pm.  Check ins will stop at 7:30pm.


Everyone will need to complete electronic forms under 2019-2020.  

Go to the above website and complete all electronic forms.  Print out the hard copy of the physical form and take it to your doctor to be completed.  Turn in to Coach Oglesby (if you get the physical after April 1st it will last through the entire next school year) Paperwork must be completed by April 22nd to try out.   Between April 22nd and April 26th all players must see Coach Oglesby to confirm tryout status to be on the list.  Upcoming 9th graders must e-mail Coach Oglesby at joglesby@paulding.k12.ga.us.

**All players must attend tryouts in the spring. Tryouts will be held MAY 13th – 16th


  1. Academic and Attendance Eligibility
    • Students must meet all GHSA academic eligibility requirements.
    • Students who have five or more unexcused absences in a semester will be ineligible the following semester.
  1. Fundamental Softball Skills and Knowledge of the Game necessary to play at the high school level
  1. “Coachability”
    • Being grateful that the coach cares enough about you to push you beyond where you would get on your own
    • Being vulnerable enough to know that you are not perfect
    • Being open to honest feedback
    • Working to actively change bad habits
  1. Attitude and Work Ethic
    • A team player who is willing to put the team above self.  We want athletes who are committed to SPHS.
    • Good work ethic and a POSITIVE attitude.
    • Our athletes must be willing to commit the time it takes to become a better ball player both in season and out of season.
  1. Behavior
    • Positive behavior representing the school, team and self. This includes in school, at softball and outside of school.  Our athletes should be positive role models for the community.
    • Three Strike Rule: Saturday School, ISS and OSS infractions during the school year adding up to three strikes will make a player ineligible to play or will be grounds for dismissal from the team.

Other Items of Interest

  • No one is allowed to drive down to the field.  Everyone should park or be dropped off in the parking lot.
  • High school athletics is not recreational ball.  Selection to the team does not guarantee playing time.  Playing time is based on effort and performance in PRACTICE and GAMES.
  • We are asking that everyone who makes the team pay an activity fee of $300.00.  (This will cover the cost of practice uniforms, spirit wear, game uniforms, equipment, etc.) This fee is non-refundable.  Fees should be turned in by JULY 18th, 2018. Online payment will be available through RevTrack for a small service fee.  Checks should be made payable to SPHS Softball.

Fundraising is a part of high school athletics.  We must raise money for uniforms, field equipment, tournament fees and field improvements.  Money for these items must be raised.  Our goal is to provide a positive experience for the players.  We would like to have 100% participation in our fundraising activities.  Fundraising does not guarantee selection to the team or playing time.  Fundraising is done for the entire softball program.


Check for updates on our website:  sphssoftball.com

Follow us on Twitter:  @SPHS_Softball